Holy Family Church Online Yard Sale Fundraiser!

We have music, movies, books, and children’s books, puzzles and toys all stored and sorted at Holy Family Church!  Choose what you want listed below (by category and number) and then email us at wilsondougc45@gmail.com.

Once we receive your email, someone from Holy Family will contact you and arrange a date and time to meet at the church for you to pick up your purchases.   Thank you for your support!


Children’s Books

Children’s Movies  1-31        Children’s Movies  32-44 

Children’s Toys & Puzzles – 1     Children’s Toys & Puzzles – 2


Music 1-24    Music 25-46    Music 47-69    

Music 70-92    Music 93-113    Music 114-136    Music 137-159

Music 160-183    Music 184-206    Music 207-221


Books 1-34       Books 35-65        Books 66-84


Movies 1-30     Movies 31-55     Movies 56-80     

Movies 81-102     Movies 103-126     Movies 127-146    Movies 147-160


We will have two rooms at Holy Family Church for pickup – one room dedicated to children, the other to music, books, movies etc.

Each room can only have one person, or a bubble of two, at a time. Maximum length of visits will be
15 minutes to allow sanitation between visits.

Covid 19 protocols will be in place for this fundraiser. Masks must be worn and hand sanitizer must be used. Tracking information must be provided for your protection.