Maureen and Sam Biggs

Chris Harper

Ronnie Doiron

Fred Doiron

Leo Peters

Leonard Griffin

Hughie Jones

William Hannon

Cyril Charles Sutherland Sr.

Dorothy Eve Sutherland

Nichola LeClair Harquail

Allie and Carl Harquail

Leo Layton

Thomas Bernatchez

Donald Hamilton

Eugene and Theodore LaPointe

Ernest and Paul Thompson

Simon and Emma Thompson

Angus, Theresa and Kris Perry

Napoleon and Clara Harquail

Leoline Gauvin

Germaine Casey

Rita Allen

Frank Comeau

Robert Comeau

Livain Comeau

Helene Comeau

Jim Bradley

Bonnie Bradley

Gerry Wilson

Phil Wilson

Hazel Wilson

Fr. Henry McGrath

Pat and Anna McGrath

Peggy Mongraw

Gilbert Mongraw

Trudy LeBlanc

John Paul LeBlanc

Elaine Amyot

Rudy Amirault

Heather Murphy

William Dwyer

Bill McGrath

Jim Wilson

Delphus and Jean Lagace

St.Clair Fisher

Edgar Lagace

Leo LeBlanc

David Purdy

Members of the Collins family

Thomas and Agnes Morrissey

Marjorie Branch

Bernie Touesnard

Gerald and Dorothy Gallant

Paul Carruthers

William Lloyd (Billy) Sleaver

George Elroy Hamilton

Linda dela Cruz

Milagros Yapit Tadifa

Teresita Flores Yapit

Agustin and Remedios Yapit

Pacencia Munoz Azurin

Gregorio Azurin

Felix Castro

Elpedio Castro

Domingo Ventura Sr.

Arthur Betts

Reginald G. Betts

Francis M. Betts

Audrey C. Betts

Kaye Rafferty

Clifford Marchand

Herman Marchand, Jr.

Chelsea Marchand

Lorie DesRoches

Bernard Lunney

Mary Eva Saunders

Edna Gormley

Gertrude Lunney

Clara and Eugene Graham

Cyril and Eva Lunney

Lois and Jack Brown

Jim Biddiscombe

Earl Biddiscombe

James and Elsie Biddiscombe

Jeannine Savoie

Aubrey and Edith Cochrane

Thomas and Bertha Roy

Luise Brosseau

Daniel O'Neill

Kathleen O'Neill

Cathy and Fred Kennedy

Nick Walsh

Libby and Kevin O'Neil

Frances and Doug Shano

John Walsh

Gerald and Katie Brennan

Betty Abad

Al and Bernice Brennan

Sean Brennan

John Brennan

Francis Brennan

Gus Brennan

Alex English, Jr.

Alex and Mary English

Eileen and Lorne Pulcine

Frank and Bride Walsh

William and Ellen Brennan

Derm Bennett

Barb and Harry Kendall

Eileen Williams

Joe and Joan Glasco

Raymond Bennett

Kevin Bennett

Jack and Fene Bennett

Bridget and Butch Stoyles

Myles Butler

Jack and Annie Bennett

William (Bill) and Sheila Walsh

Amelia Reid

Donald Cormier

Norman and Mary LeBlanc

Rose Powers

Anne Robichaud

Ann Carson

Jim and Hazel Hendriks

Robert Duclos

Leif Williams

Billy Young

Lillian and John Williams

Reba and William Young

Marcel et Nola LeBlanc

Bernie and Phyllis McTiernan

David Richard

Roland 'Doc' Richard

Michael Oatway

Pat and Bannon O'Hearn
Chester Earl Perkison

Lillian Trefry

Anna Trefry

Owen Trefry

Richard Stevenson

Rachel Brake

Selena O’Keefe

Bill Roul

Ken Roul

Marion Roul

Bridget Power

William K. Power

Ellen Power

Carmel Whelton

Denise Daigle-Savoie

David Morrison

Gilbert Vienneau

the Kirby family

The McKinley family

Jorge Pradilla


Jorge Mojica

Carmen Mojica


Father Juan Trivino

Father Juan Mojica

Elvia Pradilla

Leonor Maldonado

Claudia Turriago

Hugo Mojica

Rafael Augusto Turriago

Rafael Turriago

Javier Pradilla

Javier Ignacio Pradilla

Donna Hearnshaw

Denise Murray

Barbara Noble

Margaret Crossman

Charlie and Verna Clowater

Anthony Carey

Edna Byrne

Michael Byrne

Lewis and Ellen Byrne

Ray MacDonald

Walter and Agnes MacDonald

Leona Keefer

Ted Lagace

Florence and Edgar Drisdelle

Tom Kehoe

Justin LeBlanc

Fred Morrissey

Joseph and Daniel Stewart

Anna Dineen

Maurice LeBlanc

James Edward Tingley

Jeffery McNeil

Theresa Marie Comeau

Muriel Eleanor Hamilton

Sandy and Doria Sanderson

Tony and Adrianna Rommens

Joanne Lyn Pond

Imelda Bravo

Christopher Yapit Sr.

Juan Azurin

Virgilio Azurin

William Marcelo

Socorro Rosario Castro

Analyn Ventura Esperanza

Karen Jensen Douthwright

Felix and Daphne Jensen

Harry and Madonna Curtis

Priscilla LeClair

Mary and George Joudrey

Paul Joudrey

Mary Rosella Campbell

Jim Fleming

Thomas Finnegan

John Finnegan

Delilah Jeddore

Stephen Jeddore

Paul Finnegan

Brother Clarry Gray

Jonathan Audit

Jon Audit

Neil Audit

Sandra Cluney

Peter L. Moran

Irene O. Moran

Martha J. Kelly

Levite Albert

Olive B. Albert

Aldoria Cormier

Warren and Eileen Nelson

Vincent and Kathleen Duffy

James Duffy

Clement and Ardith Fenton

Mildred Fenton

Reginald Fenton

Bernard Black

Russell and Marion Black
Peter K. Smith

Betty Stalteri

Joe Morano

Emma and Russel Flanagan

Georgina and Colburne Farrer

Noryne Matheson

Anne Marie Felix

Joe and Marguerite Mallette

Richard Lunney

Fred Morrissey

Lester Rossiter

Leonard Steeves

Alice and Ken Milton

Archbishop Gerry Tingley

Mary Richardson

Sheila Fenton

Judy Geddes

Betsy McNutt

Andrew O'Hara

Francis and Clare O'Hara

Otto and Violet O'Hara

Madeleine Riordan

Irene Commins

Madeline Riordan

Leo Riordan

Gertrude Riordan

Theresa Riordan

Enid Honey

Marion Stuart

Mary Milton

Edith Stuart

Bruce Stuart

Sister Hilda Marie O'Hanley

Fred and Catherine Reddin

Alexander Reddin Sleigh

Albert Reddin

Edith and James McCormack

Sheila and Peter Goguen

Greta and Fred Goguen

Donald Fournier

Antoine Hébert

James and Louise Griffin

John and Mary Revie

Ethel McRae

Alvin MacRae

Rose and Harry Patriquin

Dorothy and Vincent Sampson

Theresa and Harry Boudreau

Maude MacRae

William MacRae

Theresa and Lyle Gray

Ada and Arnold Frenette

Inez and Albun Mazerolle

Iva and Arthur Jenkins

Owen Hickey

Annie Hickey

Irvin Hickey

Marilyn Melynic

Darryle Hope

Hebert Harris

Evelyn Harris

Douglas Hope

Norma Hope

Elize Hooper

Helen Arndt

Deceased Connor family members

Deceased Daley family members

Bernadette O'Leary

Wilfred Griffin

Kathleen and Conway McLaughlin

Evelyn and Henry Roach

Deceased Daly family members

Deceased King family members

Monica Manning

Guy Pyne

Marjorie, Cheryl and Kathryn Pyne

William and Agnes Brennan

Beatrice Agnes Dubil (nee Simmons)

Donna Marie Mitchell

Denver Hatfield

Neil, Yvonne, and Reid Levesque

Melas and Lorraine Bourgeois

Paul Stafford

Andrew,Charlotte and Audrey Holder

William, Ida, Ernest, Dorothy Scullion and son, William

Ashton Dale

Harold Varley

Edward and Joan LeBlanc

Roy and Beatrice Halushak

Mildred Hansen and Family

Sylvia Veniot and Family

Doris and Joseph Boyle and Family

Ralph and Sophie Hansen

Leo and Grace and Victor Hansen

Mary and Clarence and George Young

George and Bridget Hansen

Mary and Herbert Allen

Sandra Stafford

Lillian Beckwith Stafford

Lewis Stafford

Doris Stafford

Bernard W. Stafford

Margaret M. Stafford

Bernard J. Stafford

Margaret B. Stafford

William Stafford

Elizabeth Stafford

Alexander Crocker and deceased Crocker family members

Stella Crocker and deceased Sullivan family members

John Briffett and deceased Briffett family members

Mary Briffett and deceased Boyce family members

Apolonio and Sabina Destacamento

Cesar and Segundina Bordon

Ma. Cecilia Destacamento

Isabel McGuiness

Louise and Sylvain Bourgeois

Joan Ramsay

Doreen and Roland Ramsay

Deceased Caissie family members

Deceased Vaughan family members