Parishes The Book of the Names of the Deadhave the custom of giving a place of honour to a book in which loved ones write the names of their beloved dead. The Book of the Names of the Dead provides the living with an opportunity for healing and consolation in the face of grief and would usually be displayed throughout the month of November, from the solemnity of All Saints until the beginning of Advent.  This year, we are going to enter these names online, so that everyone can read the names, remember those lost, and pray for the repose of their souls.  Remembering all of these beloved men and women who have gone before us, helps us better appreciate our faith in Christ, our risen Lord who conquers death and brings new life to all.

To have your loved one included, please send in their name by email to or call the parish office at 386-6178 and we will enter their name here.

Cathy and Fred Kennedy

Nick Walsh

Libby and Kevin O'Neil

Frances and Doug Shano

John Walsh

Gerald and Katie Brennan

Betty Abad

Al and Bernice Brennan

Sean Brennan

John Brennan

Francis Brennan

Gus Brennan

Alex English, Jr.

Alex and Mary English

Eileen and Lorne Pulcine

Frank and Bride Walsh

William and Ellen Brennan

Derm Bennett

Barb and Harry Kendall

Eileen Williams

Joe and Joan Glasco

Raymond Bennett

Kevin Bennett

Jack and Fene Bennett

Bridget and Butch Stoyles

Myles Butler

Jack and Annie Bennett

William (Bill) and Sheila Walsh

Sandra Cluney

Peter L. Moran

Irene O. Moran

Martha J. Kelly

Levite Albert

Olive B. Albert

Aldoria Cormier

Amelia Reid

Donald Cormier

Norman and Mary LeBlanc

Rose Powers

Anne Robichaud

Ann Carson

Jim and Hazel Hendriks

Robert Duclos

Leif Williams

Billy Young

Lillian and John Williams

Reba and William Young

Marcel et Nola LeBlanc

Bernie and Phyllis McTiernan

Warren and Eileen Nelson

Vincent and Kathleen Duffy

James Duffy

Clement and Ardith Fenton

Mildred Fenton

Reginald Fenton

Bernard Black

Russell and Marion Black

David Richard

Roland 'Doc' Richard

Deceased members of the Caissie and Vaughan families

Rudy Amirault

Michael Oatway

Pat and Bannon O'Hearn

Ann Remington

Gary Read

Annie Mae Strangis

Carol Ann Colpitts

Tom Stewart

Jean Stewart

Alleyne LeBlanc

Eddy Hudson

Albert Hudson

Donny Murphy

Jane Dunn

Alice Lafontaine

Eva Dallaire

Delphine Gauvin

Marie Anne Bourque

Benoit Bourque

Terry and Bernard Pellerin

Augusta and Edouard Pellerin

Muriel and Joseph Arsenault

Simone Bastarache

Roger P. Bourque

Matthew Wesselby

the Chafe Family

Kristopher Kinden

Paul Kinden

Harold Kinden

Mary Weatherby

Hubert Weatherby

Elizabeth (Millie) Gallant

Edwin Gallant

A. J. (Tony) Powers

Laura Langis

Lorraine Langis

Florence Gallant

Ernest Gallant

Elizabeth Gallant

Alfred Gallant

Sara Langis

Edmond Langis

Évéline Langis

Léandre Langis

Ernest MacEachern