Finance Committee

At each of our churches, the Parish Finance Committee is responsible for establishing the budget and monitoring finances and upkeep of church property.  If you have any questions at all about the Finance Committee at your church, please call our Business Manager, Anne Marcoux at the parish office at 506-386-6178.

Local Parish Councils (LPC) and Regional Parish Council (RPC)

Each of our four churches has a Local Parish Council (LPC).  This is a leadership group, made up of parishioners who work closely with Father Phil and who are involved in the day-to-day ministry of their church.  Local Parish Councils discuss everything from Stewardship Fairs to Parish Outreach initiatives to Baptism Formation (and everything in between)!

Led by Father Phil as Pastor and Mark Mahoney as Pastoral Associate, current LPC members are:

Holy Family – Mary Kouyoumdjian, Peter Mulroy, Bill Pickett, Jean Ryan, Jennifer Saldanha,  Cyril Sutherland, Danny Tupas, and Doug Wilson (Chair)

Holy Ghost – Teresa O’Hara

Immaculate Heart of Mary – Wayne Bennett, Roberta Brine (Chair), Yvonne Comeau, Juanita Jensen, Maurise Levesque, Colleen Murphy, and Bill Taylor

St. Jude’s – Mary Anne Griffin, Gary Griffin, Annette Radke, Luke McMackin and John Drisdelle

All four groups together, combine to create the Regional Parish Council (RPC).  The RPC Chairperson is Roberta Brine.


Parish Maintenance Committee

At each church, this is the committee responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of the parish buildings and associated equipment.  Where practical, the work is done by the committee members, otherwise it is hired out.  Are you handy?  Do you enjoy projects and repair work?  This committee is important to the support of each parish and to protect the investments of parishioners.  The work is rewarding and long-lasting!

If you are willing and have some skills in practical maintenance, please call the office and join the team at your parish!


Stewardship Committee

All of the teachings of Stewardship come directly from the Gospels.  Stewardship is not a new word, but rather it is the way God has expected His people to live since the beginning of time.  It means realizing that everything we have is a gift from God and so living a life of gratitude for those gifts.  Stewardship is essentially giving back – returning a portion of our gifts to God.  Our Stewardship Teams are looking for positive, sharing people who realize that we all have gifts given to us by God and that these gifts need to be cultivated,  celebrated, shared and enjoyed!  If you would like to become part of parish stewardship, please contact the office!