Bereavement Committee

The death of a Christian is a time of sadness and grief, as well as a time of celebrating our new life in Jesus Christ.  Our members are present to support our parishioners at such a time.  Through reaching out with God’s healing love, we strive to be a caring, compassionate and gentle presence.  If you would like to join this special ministry, please call the Parish office.


Pastoral Care

This ministry involves volunteers who pray for and visit the sick and shut-ins, bringing a compassionate presence to those who are ill, elderly, or homebound and their families.  It is a ministry that requires commitment and compassion as we work together to ensure the infirmed continue to feel part of our faith community.


Social Action Committee

Jesus said, “Charity is using our gifts from God to help others” and the Social Action Committee members, on your behalf, serve the parish, the local community and third world needs.  The philosophy that guides the members is based upon Christian principles: service to others, respect for those served, humility to serve and stewardship of the resources provided. If you have compassion and empathy for those in need, you should be part of this extraordinary ministry!  Please call the Church for more information.


Syrian Refugee Committee

Every refugee’s journey is unique in terms of the opportunities and challenges they face as they work to make Canada their new home.  Throughout 2016-2017, working together with other churches within their local communities, our four churches organized, formed committees and raised funds to sponsor three different displaced Syrian families.