The celebration of Baptism is a time of joy and pride for the Church. When people, children or adults, are baptized, they are baptized into a community of people who are attempting to live out the Christian faith. That is why involvement in one’s faith community is such an important aspect of Baptism.  Please call Mark Mahoney at the Parish Office (386-6178) if you have any questions concerning Baptism.  Mark will work with you to schedule the Baptism Preparation date/time and to figure out the celebration (the church, the date, the priest).



A Christian marriage is such a beautiful and wonderful celebration!  Please call the Parish Office if you are considering getting married in one of our churches.  (and congratulations!)



Funeral Services Team

Members of this ministry work in collaboration with the Bereavement Committee to assist in funeral celebrations in the Church. Empowered by Christ’s promise of resurrection, we face the event of death, console the bereaved, celebrate the life of the deceased and offer thanks to God.   We prepare the altar for the funeral Liturgy of the Eucharist,  make necessary liturgical preparations (the readings) and we are the visible presence of the Parish as we lead the procession in and out of the gathering space.   We are always in need of more to serve and training is provided, so if you feel called to this ministry, please contact the Parish office.