Reflection – Nothing is Impossible with God!

In this week’s Gospel account, the Angel Gabriel appears to Mary to tell her that she would bear a child who would be holy, called Jesus the Son of God. His words, “FOR NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD” have resonated over these thousands of years. These seven words have been the inspiration for many followers, faith-believers, over time. 

The sport company Adidas had an ad years ago – Impossible Is Nothing. It was a very inspirational and motivational campaign, reminding people that anything is possible. Reminding us that records and human limitations are meant to be broken.  Reminding us that we can do great things.  And, in the way that is true for worldly things, this is true in the spiritual realm as well.  No matter what we are going through right now, no matter how impossible the situation may seem, no matter how helpless or hopeless we may feel, we should remember this, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.  God’s power is infinite.  Therefore, we should have faith in Him, His power, and His love for us.  May we be inspired to have Faith and hope in God, no matter what the situation may be.  The flame of Hope should never go out of our lives for, with hope, each of can live with Peace, Faith and Love.

I learned through my parents, who had very strong faith, that things do not always go as planned, as hoped.  In my final year of high school (Grade 13 in Ontario) in 1968-69 I wanted to go to university to study Journalism. However, financially, it wasn’t possible so I chose the one-year Teachers’ College program. I was very disappointed, but my parents both encouraged me to make the most of the opportunity and trust that things would work out.  “Say your prayers and keep faith”, they said.  My first year with my own class reinforced their idea, their trust and I have had a very rewarding, successful career as an educator.  I met my husband and moved to New Brunswick (Albert County) because of this career.  I worked with wonderful administrators and fellow teachers who became life-long friends.  What I once thought was not what I wanted, became an opportunity for happiness for a lifetime; something beyond my expectations became possible.  My parents would not have known it would work so well but they knew, because of their unwavering faith, that with God all things are possible.

On this fourth Sunday of Advent, as we get closer to celebrating the mystery of the true Christmas, let us try to have a positive outlook during these difficult pandemic-ruled times.  We will miss many gatherings with family and friends and it will be hard to accept. Instead, think of it as a time of character strengthening, reinforcing our lives as a testimony to the miraculous power of Hope.  It is important to have Faith because, when we have faith, we trust in God.  When we have Faith we begin to become familiar with and know God.  When we trust God, we can tap into both a fountain of courage and of life-giving hope.  The more we get to know God, the more we can understand that nothing is impossible with God.

Henri Nouwen wrote, “Somewhere we know that without silence, words lose their meaning; that without listening, speaking no longer helps; that without distance, closeness cannot cure.”  Perhaps we should take the time to appreciate the silence, the listening, and the closeness often sensed when we slow our pace, contemplate, pray, open our hearts to what could be possible in the midst of hurt, grief, turmoil, troubles.  We can be still and know that God is there with us.  


Cathy Keirstead


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