Reflection – Nurturing Our Faith

My understanding on today’s second reading is that our ancestors lived on the land and the sea with the same needs like everybody else.  The second reading also noted that they were all baptized into Moses, as we are all baptized.  It also mentions that there were still some evil doers who, at the same time, depended on the same spiritual rock that followed them.  God was not pleased with their way of accepting or desiring evil. They were destroyed as an example stated, that the evil things destroyed them.

As an Elder who was baptized at an age of five years old and remembering the experience of my Baptism, made me remember the feeling of the warm wind against my face walking throw the path on my way home from church.  I knew that our creator was with me.  I can also say the Rock of Christ was following me.

I believe in Baptism, we receive a special gift. This special gift must be nurtured by each one of us. Plants, when nurtured, grow into a beautiful plant, like our faith can be ours.                

This gift gives us tools as we embrace our faith: Examples of these tools is our regular attendance at Sunday masses, because each week we have a better understanding of what our Lord is teaching us to get closer to him in a place of eternal happiness.

The commandments is another tool that shows us how to live with our brothers and sisters in this very complicated world.  It is also so simple because if we love our neighbor as we love ourselves, the commandments are uniting us with the Lord.

Sacraments is another tool that we have in our toolbox.  As we receive our sacraments it awakens and enlightens our faith in the Lord.  We have a greater and a deeper understanding that the Lord loves us unconditionally. 

If we don’t want to fall, we know that the Lord has unconditional Love for us and when we are deeply sorry for our sins and evil ways, our Lord will forgive us.   Amen   

Peggy Clement


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